All jobs need to have a timesheet completed while onsite. This is so you can be paid, and we can bill our clients for your wages and the equipment. Below is the process of completing a Timesheet.

In Traffio, select the job you are working on.
Tap on Forms at the top right.
Tap on “New Docket”
Enter Start, Finish and Breaks. Then Tap “Next Step”
Confirm the details are all correct. Make changes by clicking on “Modify” if you need to.
This example shows an accidental 20.5hrs because 0400 was selected, not 1600. Then Tap Next Step.
If there are any ntoes for the job, enter them here. Then Tap Next Step.
Confirm the details. Scroll down and tap on the “Your Signature” box and it will ask you to sign.
If the client is not on site, or does not want to sign, tap on the right side of “No signature provided”. This will ask for a reason.
If the client will sign, get their name and then tap the “Client’s Signature” box for them to sign.
The Tap Submit to Office.